Mobile Radio in My Truck (New Install)

  • The current way I have everything installed was based on a few different factors: 1. New Equipment, 2. New Antennas and 3. Change in taste. First off the Alinco DX-70 was replaced by a Icom 706MKIIG, this is mainly due to the RFI problems with the DX-70 that I never could remove or even reduce. The 2M used for APRS died on me and at that point I decided it was time to go commercial with a VHF Motorola Maxtrac (we commercial guys tend to think that way eventually). You will see in the pictures that the scanner is not mounted in the truck currently...I have not gotten around to that, its comming. A GTX 900 MHz mobile was added for my new found love of Amateur 900 MHz. The Alinco DR-610 is still there, but may be replaced soon since it is starting to give me problem and face it, its just getting old. And of course the trusty UHF Motorola Maxtrac is still in place and in use.

  • In order to slim line, clean up and reduce the amount of space used up front. I have gone to all remote mounted faces on all of the radio. The exception is for the VHF Maxtrac, there was no need to see the face of it, so I have it just laying behind the seat doing it's thing on 144.390. The 900 GTX will be remoted soon as well. The faces are all mounted on a single meteal plate I fabricated and then pop-riveted to a Pana-Vise arm. The arm was then mounted to the frame of the seat and when the seat move sthe radio heads move with it. I hope to get the scanner and GTX remoted soon and get them mounted on the plate as well.

  • The HamHUD II and Delorme GPS are still mounted to the dash for APRS. I'm hoping to replace the Delorme with a tiny Deluo GPS and mount it on the headliner just above the rear-view mirror, more details as that progresses.