• Here is a picture of my Rev 2 beta board that Byon sent me a while back. I actually built two of these, the first was Rev 1. After working out some bugs and adding some additional hardware features, you have the current version.

  • Above is my original PeekPack. This is what the PICPAC stemmed from. The PeekPack had one function, get the packet and display it.

  • The PICPAC is really a complete re-think of the original PeekPack. The PICPAC has complete on-board ability to encode and decode complete APRS packets. It has a 4 line x 16 character LCD to display more data then the orginal unit. It even has a "dumb terminal" type of function that will listen for serial data on the serial port side and display it on the LCD.

  • Making a Case for Your PICPAC