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Adding a MiniDIN 6 Port to a Yaesu FTM-3100 for 1200/9600 Baud Packet


The Yaesu FTM3100 is a great option for packet operation 1200-9600 baud since it's still available new and usually for $150 or less (especially on sale).

STEP 1: Remove the top cover of the radio
STEP 2: Cut off a female miniDIN 6 connector with a about 9-10" of cable length
STEP 3: Mark on the chasis where to drill. Pay close attention to where this hole is, as to not interfere with anything else.
STEP 4: Drill a small pilot hole and slowly move up in size until the cable just fits through with slight resistance
STEP 5: Feed the cable in until you have the desired length on the outside of the chasis.
STEP 6: You can add heatshrink around the wires to keep them together.
STEP 7: Place a ziptie on the inside, around the cable insulation to act as a strain relief.
Standard miniDIN packet port pinout
STEP 8: Solder each wire to the appropriate location on the board. Your colors may differ.